Want to give your home a fresh and modern look?

We can do that in under 2 months!


major builds

Should you trust Uplift with the building of your new home, renovation or extension, we will do our utmost to ensure you have a top quality experience and finish with a top quality home that you will enjoy for many years to come.

I would be honoured to look through your plans and provide you with a free quote for your building project.

There is a lengthy process to getting work for new homes, extensions and major renovations. You must first employ a draftsman or architect to design and specify the changes you want made to your house.

Council permission is usually required (especially when changing anything externally) and you will need to nominate a builder and estimated build cost when submitting your application for development.

Once you have obtained a builder and have your plans approved work can commence and you are on your way to getting the changes you are after!

Below are a few photos of work that Uplift Building has done.


Picture this:

Your kitchen has been pulled out and the kitchen guys are installing your new one. They're half way through their work when they realised there are essential materials missing. The wait time to order these things is 2 weeks.

Can you believe that this stuff happens regularly?!

You need the kitchen renovation to be fast! We are here to help. We can help you because our rapport with the local tradesmen and my organisational skills are an asset when needing a quick build. Many builders take their time when work is sparse so that they're not without work but I could NEVER do that as that is WAY TOO disrespectful to the client. At Uplift we work fast and aim for your kitchen build to be as seamless as possible.

Before we can begin work, it is essential that you have chosen your fittings. One un-purchased product may hold up the whole process because because measurements are so vital.

Please ensure you have chosen: 

  • sinks

  • oven

  • cooktop

  • appliances, especially oven and fridge

  • tapware

  • benchtops 

  • cabinets (of course)

carpentry & joinery

If you are after some custom joinery that is not necessarily a part of your kitchen then we are more than happy to oblige! Some fun and creative storage solutions lie in clever joinery designs.

If you happen to find something on Pinterest, Iā€™d love to take a look and see what we can do to make it happen for you!

hidden cupboards
laundry sorting station

bathrooms and laundries

Having a newly renovated bathroom is wonderful. Renovating your bathroom, however, can be stressful and timely. This is because of the huge number of tradespeople needed in a specific order. 

I have a number of people I rely on who do a fantastic job, who are punctual and who make time for me. This allows me to get a bathroom renovated efficiently, which is what everyone wants.

Before I begin, it is essential that you have chosen your fittings. One un-purchased product may hold up the whole process, meaning you are without your bathroom for longer. 

Before commencing the build, make sure you have chosen:

  • bath

  • tap-ware

  • vanity

  • toilet

  • shower screen

  • tiles

living areas

Light, space, colours and textures are all things to consider when renovating your living area. Choosing different flooring (whether it's carpet, floorboards or tiles), your kitchen and your furnishings can really uplift a room.

Many people are opting for walls to be taken out to make their home more open. When doing this there are a few things to consider:

  • How will you efficiently heat/cool areas in varying seasons?

  • Is there enough privacy/separate nooks which allow space for multiple members of the household?

  • What are you going to do about the floor and the ceiling once the wall has been removed?

  • Is the wall that is planning on being removed a load bearing wall (eg holding up the roof)?

outdoor living

Outdoor living areas allow you to take advantage of the fresh air and sunshine, whilst still having the comforts of furnishings. Whether it be a pergola, a balcony, deck or courtyard, they will all allow you to extend your living space into the outdoors.

Retaining walls, privacy screens, steps, concrete slabs, paving, decking and tiling can all be built through Uplift Building.

I have built many decks and they do vary a lot on your budget. Considerations include:

  • decking material (timber type - some are more expensive initially, others are harder to install).

  • the slope of the land (consider accessibility for materials, erecting scaffolding and constructing footings).

  • anti-weather extras that will prolong the life of your deck

  • Roofing, gutters etc


custom designs

If there is anything specific that you want for your home but cannot purchase it anywhere, then let Uplift know! We can custom make a wide range of things - from doors to kids furniture, mirrors to tables and vanities. Provide us with a detailed design - drawings and measurements - and we can make it a reality. If you're stuck for ideas, just ask me as I love this kind of stuff!