How Do You Know You've Contracted A DODGY TRADESMAN?

Things aren’t quite level.

window not plumb.jpeg

They’ve got the right idea but don’t quite pull it off the way you’d hoped.

Toilet sink.jpg

They don’t know the exact standards that they have to legally build to.

steep drive.jpg

They don’t think things 100% through whilst working a job.

The solution to the problem is obvious to them but not quite what you’d been hoping for.


In all seriousness, below is a list of things I would be looking out for.

Dodgy builders:

  • Give a bad first impression (eg late, poor hygiene, disrespectful etc)

  • Don’t show interest in what you are wanting but just give their own ideas and opinions

  • Do not include everything you’ve asked for in their quotes

  • Do not have appropriate insurances and certifications for the job

  • Are way too cheap (usually means they’re uninsured, unqualified or they’ve omitted something big in the quote and you often don’t find out until halfway through the build)

Anna WareComment